The implications of culturally sensitive mediation discussions in the local community

Solha sees diversity as a super advantage, and as a mosaic that enriches and enriches organizational, occupational and community work and efficiency. A business, community and social organization that succeeds in assimilating and internalizing the view of diversity as an advantage and a business right. It is an organization that steps out of the box, shows courage, and has a long-term business and profitable vision. An organization that assimilates difference and diversity is an organization that believes in creativity and suspicion. There is a possibility that in the short term, an organization that implements and assimilates the idea and concept of diversity, may maintain or decrease in business achievements and profits, but in the long term, this organization will profit commercially and reap the fruits of diversity, equality and diversity in the human resource.

Organizations that are uniform and uniform in human resources, seemingly seem cohesive, with fewer conflicts, tensions and pressures within and in the day-to-day activities of the organization. But in the long run, they are less productive, creative and innovative, and they are more frozen, less bold and courageous, and try to preserve the status quo in terms of profitability and professional achievements.

Forgives, mediates, arbitrates, advises, accompanies, guides and mediates both in conflicts and tensions between individuals, and in groups and within organizations and communities where there is a meeting between the minority and the Arab population, and the Jewish majority population. Both in situations of escalation, hostility, tension and conflict, and in the absence of conflict, but there is tension, alienation, suspicion between the two populations.


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Fair and equal for everyone

The SOLLHA organization maintains and performs sensitive and culturally competent mediation and arbitration services in a variety of conflicts, conflicts, tensions and lawsuits between people from different ethnic cultures. Both those who apply directly, and those who are referred to mediation and arbitration procedures through the various courts and tribunals in the State of Israel. The focus on competent and culturally sensitive individual mediation and arbitration procedures is on dealing with conflict, tensions and lack of agreement, which is mainly due to the lack of training, suspicion and tensions arising from cultural and ethnic differences between the people and parties involved. This mediation sharpens the difference and understanding of the interests and needs between the parties, which are less visible and felt to the other party who comes from a different, different and foreign culture.

Solha initiates and holds lectures, workshops, groups and activities within communities and business organizations, through which she strengthens the fertilization, discourse and organizational and community dialogue for the importance of embedding and believing in the importance of the value of diversity and diversity in the human and organizational resource. Solha also holds empowering interventions in the context of diversity and diversity within organizations and communities that do not have diversity and diversity, and this as a preliminary procedure and prepares for the practical implementation of the values and ideas of diversity, diversity and cultural sensitivity.

Often the application of the idea and concepts of equality, difference and diversity in the human and organizational resource, may lead both to tensions, pressures, hostility and anger among the employees, as well as to a decrease in income and profitability of the business organization. Therefore, the ‘Solha’ organization accompanies, mediates, empowers and advises these organizations in this crisis period, in the context of competence, tolerance and cultural sensitivity among the employees and the human resource. This is in order to succeed in the stages of absorption and diversity in the organizational human resource, and hence to strengthen creativity, innovation and the jump in business achievements and organizational profits, which are a result of the diversity and variation in the human resource.

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