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Dr. Agbaria Muhammad (Saada)


Dr. Agbaria Muhammad Saada, 50 years old, married and father of four children, social worker, psychotherapist, and has expertise in child and youth care; expertise in coaching – managerial and organizational coaching; expert in writing legal opinions, and expert testimony in court; qualified in mediation, mediator and conducting culturally sensitive integrative negotiations on behalf of the court.


Higher education

Dr. Agbaria Muhammad Saada, completed his PhD studies in social work in 2017 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, later in 2018 he completed his postdoctoral studies at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. In 2021 he specialized in writing opinions for expert committees in court, in the psychological department at the Interdisciplinary Center In Herzliya, he completed his social work studies, bachelor’s, master’s and master’s degrees at Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University.


The doctoral thesis at the Hebrew University focused on the study of Arab mothers of children with serious mental illnesses, and the thesis researched Arab teenagers, criminals and prisoners from East Jerusalem who were treated by the youth probation service in East Jerusalem. In 2006, at the Magid Institute at the Hebrew University, he completed his certificate studies in the program for advanced studies in integrative psychotherapy in individual and family integrative child and youth therapy. In 2012, he completed recognition in the management of welfare departments and social organizations at Tel Aviv University. In 2009, he completed certificate studies – expert coaching trainer in the continuing studies unit of the Technion and IKA. In 2012 he completed a course in market economy and society – the Israeli Center for Social and Economic Advancement. In 2001 he completed studies in a mediation and integrative negotiation course at the Gevim Mediation Institute. In 2004 he completed studies in the Human Rights Fellows program on behalf of the Hebrew University and the Minerva Center.


Work and professional experience

Since 2013 until today, Agbaria Muhammad Saada, works as a district supervisor in the care of people with disabilities at the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security in the Tel Aviv and Central District. In the years 2005 – until 2012, he worked as the coordinator of the Arab sector in ALOT – the National Association for Autistic Children. In 2003, he worked as a youth probation officer in Jerusalem at the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security. Also in 2009, he worked at the Hamada Harim Geriatric Hospital in East Jerusalem. As in the years 2004 – 2006, he volunteered and worked at the Gila Center for Civic and Democratic Education at the Hebrew University. In addition, in 2000 he worked at the Youth Promotion Department of the Ramla Municipality, the work focused on the care of Arab youths who had dropped out, who were in family distress and were involved in offenses against the law. In the years 2008 – 2010, he guided social work students both at Tel Aviv University, and at Ben Gurion University in the Negev.


Personal qualities, hobbies and social volunteering:

In 2003-2004, Agbariyeh Mohammed Saada volunteered as a human rights fellow at the Minerva Center for Human Rights, and at the organization ABI – the International Association for the Rights of the Child DCI – Israel – DEFENSE FOR CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL. The volunteering included contact with and care for children and youth who are breaking the law and in need from East Jerusalem These children and youths were involved and suspected of committing security and criminal offenses. Agbaria Muhammad Saada is characterized first and foremost as a humane and social person, caring and shows emotional and cognitive openness and flexibility. High openness and motivation for learning, development and accepting constructive and promoting mutual criticism. Professional and personal responsibility and commitment. Personal and professional standards Excellent human relations and a lot of respect for others and others.


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